36. Filmfestival Max Ophüls Preis (dt. Erstaufführung, Competition, Germany)
16. Landshuter Kurzfilmfestival (Sprungbrett, Germany)
33. Molins Film Festival (Competition, Spain)
9. International Streaming Festival (Competition, Italy)
3. Festival y’a uns os dans le Potage (Competition, France)
2. Chennai International Short Film Festival (Competition, India)
NW Short Film Festival 2015 (Competition, Canada)
11. International Short Film Festival Detmold (Competition, Germany)
Shorts at Moonlight Kurzfilmfestival 2015 (Germany)
17. International Festival of Detective Films (Competition, Russia)
9. Wendland Shorts (Competition, Germany)

14. Magma international Short Film Festival (Int'l Competition, Italy)
11. Kurzfilmfestival „FILMSALAT“ (Competition, Germany)
8. Naperville Independent Film Festival (Competition, USA)
13. In the Palace Sofia International Short Film Festival (Competition, Bulgaria)



Leon's (19) health seemed stable within the last years, until he was recently admitted to the hospital with cardiac arrhythmias. The consequence was an emergency surgery on the heart. For a few seconds Leon was clinically dead until he was rescued. Since then pictures of his near-death experience did not leave him, did not let go. Leon is convinced that he had met his twin brother Luke (†17). Driven by the overwhelming will to reconstruct the death of his brother, he sets out again in mortal danger. With the support of Marcel (18) and Mia (17) he again decides to provoke a near-death experience. With consequences.


Leon: Jannis Niewöhner
Marcel: Claudiu Mark Draghici
Mia: Malin Steffen
Psychiater: Helmut Zierl                       

script & director: Tobias Schönenberg
assistant director: Andrea Picht
continuity: Linda Proch                        

cinematography: Thomas Förster                
first assistent camera: Daniel Wehrend           
second assistent camera: Benjamin Berger         
childhood videos: Udo Schönenberg & Uwe Frisch-Niewöhner
octocopter: Lutz Burmester
steadicam: Thorsten Alt
clapper: Christoph Büttner

gaffer: Björn Bohlens
assistent light: Andreas Schütte

sound mixer: Siegfried Fischer
assistent sound: Peter Assmann & Martin Gerigk

scene- & costume design: Annika Osterrieder
makeup: Nici Podlech

produktion assistent: Celina Finger
location manager: Andrea Picht
still photographer: Andreas Schlieter
catering: Julia Wulf & Celina Finger

editing: Tobias Schönenberg & Thomas Förster

sound design & mix: Siegfried Fischer

grading: Thomas Förster

music: Dominik Schwarzer

production: SchönenbergFilm GmbH

sponsors: Cinegate Hamburg, Konken Studios, E-Sun Hamburg, Edeka Süllau, Star Car, Red Bull & Landhaus Schäfer    


"For my 25th birthday my father gave my identical twin brother and me a hard drive. The fact itself is less impressive than the data stored on the hard drive contents. Since our birth on 08/17/1986 my father documented almost every day with a video camera. The first recordings were made already in the delivery room. I hope that these images not only leave traces in my mind or sometimes just die as bits and bytes. The digital material has impressed me in its complexity. The combination of real images with a fictional story for a big screen fills me and my work as a filmmaker."

Tobias Schönenberg